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*WiFi dongle: - 11.95USD  
*WiFi dongle: - 11.95USD  
=== Schematics ===

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This tutorial "Develop a complete M2M application with Koneki and Mihini" occurred at EclipseCon 2013 on 2013-03-25.

Tutorial material is hosted at

How to get it:

  • git clone
git clone
  • download zip file:

Once you've got the repo locally, you can browse tutorial material:


  • slides: at the root of the repo
  • Code Solution:

(That's an Koneki project, so can import it directly in your IDE)


Show Mihini

  • show key APIs such as logging, sched, airvantage, devicetree, (sms?)...
  • show how it's easy to do I/O manipulation and wireless communication

Koneki for Mihini

  • show how Lua is easy to edit thanks to LDT tooling
  • show EE and remote development for Mihini


Key steps to reproduce the tutorial

Installation of Lua Development Tools (all-in-one bundle)

M3DA Server


Run you own instance: Everything you need is there (How to build, to run, interact with):

End user android application

Running Mihini on RaspberryPi

Get SDcard image used during the tutorial


Compile and run Mihini manually

Available instructions here

  • Copy (git clone?) the sources of Mihini on the Raspberry Pi
Provide a copy of the git repo on the USB stick???

  • Compile Mihini (and its Lua VM)
  • Brief presentation of the defaultconfig ; tweak the few settings that will simplify development

Setting up the Arduino

Exact Demo arduino code is in --> 
instalation of the Modbus stack -->


The main hardware will be a Raspberry Pi (running Mihini) connected to an Arduino ; the Arduino itself being connected to several sensors/actuators.

Bill of materials

Item Qty
Raspberry Pi 1x
Arduino Uno 1x
Grove kit or equivalent 1x
Micro USB cable 1x
4GB SD card 1x
USB 1A power supply 1x
USB A-B cable 1x
Wifi dongle (Netgear WNA1000M-100FRS)* 1x
Breadboard 1x
Temperature Sensor 1x
Luminosity Sensor 1x
LED 1x
Resistor Ohm 1x
Resistor Ohm 1x

You can ordering (almost) everything from Adafruit:


Schematics bb.png

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