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Git repositories

Mihini source code is available on the Git repositories of the Eclipse Foundation. There are several repositories:

org.eclipse.mihini.git Contains the Mihini codebase (agent + Lua and C API)
org.eclipse.mihini.samples.git Mihini examples

Release plan

Mihini has a stable release every 6 months.

Every major release is maintained for 9 months:

  • SR1 is "stable"+3 months,
  • SR2 is "stable"+6 months,
  • SR3 is "stable"+9 months.

Milestones allow to commit on delivering most priority features first, and move towards stabilization when reaching Release Candidates.

Release calendar

0.8 0.9 1.0
M1 19-Apr-13 23-Aug-13 21-Feb-14
M2 *skipped* 4-Oct-13 4-Apr-14
RC1 10-May-13 15-Nov-13 6-May-14
final 31-May-13 6-Dec-13 6-Jun-14
Maintenance releases
SR1 30-Aug-13 TBD TBD
SR2 29-Nov-13 TBD TBD
SR3 28-Feb-14 TBD TBD