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MemoryAnalyzer/Contributor Reference/Website

MAT Website

This page contains information about the MAT web site http://www.eclipse.org/mat/ - where the source is, how to make updates, etc...

The MAT Website resides in Git.

Seting up the Tools


To work with Git in Eclipse, you'll need to install (if not available already) the EGit tools from


A detailed EGit user guide is available here: EGit/User Guide


For the ssh communication, you will need to setup a key. Follow the guide Git#Setting up ssh keys


The following resources can be useful to properly configure your environment:

Get the MAT Website Git Repository

Clone the repository mat.git. The repository URL should look like


See EGit/User Guide#Cloning Remote Repositories.

The content of the master branch is displayed on the website.

Import the project

There is one general project for the website content. Once you cloned the repository you can import the project.

See EGit/User Guide#Importing projects

Making changes

Well, there is nothing specific for MAT. Once you have cloned the repository and imported the project in the IDE, you can make local changes and commit them locally. Before committing, be sure the have properly set the user/e-mail (see above).

Once you think the changes are ready to be put on the website, push your changes. The new content will be visible on the website in a few minutes.