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Work email: martin.oberhuber <at>
Work email: martin.oberhuber <at>
See also his [ Blog]
See also his [ Blog] and [ LinkedIn Profile], or follow on [ Twitter]

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Martin is the leader of the DSDP - Target Management project, DSDP PMC member, platform-core and e4/Resources committer, and currently chair of the Eclipse Architecture Council (EAC). He's been working for Wind River in Salzburg, Austria since 1998, mostly focused on the WR Workbench product. Driven by his desire for constant improvement, he is involved in many areas around Eclipse and Open Source, particularly JSch, RXTX, and Apache Commons. His many interests have made him fluent in more than 10 programming languages including C++, GNU/Linux technology and hardware-near programming. Martin holds a Master of Engineering degree in Telematics from the University of Technology Graz/Austria, and has also been working on source code analysis and tools development in general.

Hobbies include: his kids Felix and Sophia, playing all sorts of musical instruments, skiing, hiking and the combination of both.

Work email: martin.oberhuber <at> See also his Blog and LinkedIn Profile, or follow on Twitter

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