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= Upcoming Events=
= Upcoming Events=
* Attending [ LeWeb] Dec 4-6 in Paris
* Attending [ LeWeb] Dec 4-6 in Paris
* Attending [[Eclipse_Day_At_Googleplex_2012|Eclipse Day at GooglePlex]] Dec 12th in Mountain View, CA
=Potential Events=
=Potential Events=

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Target Media Outlets

Past Press Announcements

  • Release May 2012 at Eclipse Day in Toulouse - Focus on availability of Paho client code, including Lua client.

Upcoming Events

Potential Events

Webinar Series

Spring 2013

Possible topics

  • Mihini hands-on
  • QEST?

Fall 2012

***** The Webinar Schedule and links to recordings are now found here.*****

We are organizing a series of M2M webinars to highlight the vision and solutions of the M2M working group. The Eclipse Foundation will host and promote the webinars.


  • Webinar 1: What is M2M?
    • Provide an overview of what is meant by M2M, use cases, technical challenges and what the IWG hopes to accomplish.
    • Speaker: Arlen and Benjamin
  • Webinar 2: Anatomy of an M2M Application
    • Speaker: James and Marco
  • Webinar 3: Getting Started with MQTT
    • Provide an introduction to MQTT, why and when people should consider using it and steps to getting started.
    • Speaker: Scott to find speaker
  • Webinar 4: Developing with Lua
    • Introduce Lua language, why is it well suited for M2M and introduce Koneki
    • Speaker: Benjamin

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