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* M2M content in [ Eclipse DemoCamps]
* Attending [ LeWeb] Dec 4-6 in Paris
* List of potential M2M events for Eclipse to participate
** [ Connected World Conference] Jun. 11-13, Chicago
** [ M2M Summit] Sept 5th, Düsseldorf
** [ DESIGN East] Sept. 17-20, Boston
** [ Open Hardware Summit] Sept. 27, NYC
** [ Open World Forum] Oct 11-13, Paris
** [ CTIA Enterprise and Application] Oct. 9-11, San Diego
=Webinar Series=
=Webinar Series=

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Potential Momentum Announcements

  • May 2012 at Eclipse Day in Toulouse - Focus on availability of Paho client code, including Lua client.
  • September
  • December


  • Attending LeWeb Dec 4-6 in Paris

Webinar Series

***** The Webinar Schedule and links to recordings are now found here.*****

We would like to organize a series of M2M webinars to highlight the vision and solutions of the M2M working group. The Eclipse Foundation would host and promote the webinars. We will need speakers to volunteer to provide the content.

Potential Topics

  • Webinar 1: What is M2M?
    • Provide an overview of what is meant by M2M, use cases, technical challenges and what the IWG hopes to accomplish.
    • Speaker: Arlen and Benjamin
  • Webinar 2: Anatomy of an M2M Application
    • Speaker: James and Marco
  • Webinar 3: Getting Started with MQTT
    • Provide an introduction to MQTT, why and when people should consider using it and steps to getting started.
    • Speaker: Scott to find speaker
  • Webinar 4: Developing with Lua
    • Introduce Lua language, why is it well suited for M2M and introduce Koneki
    • Speaker: Benjamin

Draft Schedule

I suggest we look at doing a webinar every 2 weeks.

  • September 13
  • September 27
  • October 11

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