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== M2M Problem List ==
== M2M Problem List ==
[[#M2M-Problem-001_:_Sharing_of_information_for_properly_interpreting_data_values | M2M Problem 001 : Sharing of information for properly interpreting data values]]
== M2M Problem Descriptions ==
== M2M Problem Descriptions ==

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M2M Problems

The Machine to Machine(M2M) space combines system from the embedded space and the enterprise/cloud space. This combination introduces problems that must be addressed by an M2M system provider that do not traditionally exist in either the embedded space or the enterprise/cloud space. This page is meant to catalog these M2M specific issues. This catalog is meant to serve as an educational tool for developers and architects who are new to M2M and as a reference during development of M2M technologies at Eclipse.

M2M Problem Description Template

The following is the template for an M2M Problem Description.

  1. M2M Problem Number - Incremental id number from Problem list page for easy reference in other pages/docs
  2. M2M Problem Name - Descriptive name of the problem
  3. M2M Problem Description - Description of the problem.
  4. Fielded Solution Patterns - Description of known approaches to dealing with the problem.
  5. Related M2M Problem Numbers - Numbers of other problems that are closely related to this one
  6. Referenced M2M Scenarios - Numbers of M2M Scenarios that depend on the solution patterns for this problem

When creating a new M2M problem description, please add it to the list of links below, claiming the next number in the sequence. Then add your problem description to the descriptions section below.

M2M Problem List

M2M Problem 001 : Sharing of information for properly interpreting data values

M2M Problem Descriptions