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Tuesday, June 4, 1pm-5pm
Tuesday, June 4, 1pm-5pm
2 Rue Charles Camichel<br>
31000 Toulouse, France<br>

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The M2M IWG will hold an open face-to-face meeting on June 4, 2013 before the start of EclipseCon France in Toulouse France. This meeting will be open to anyone that wants to better understand the activities and roadmap of the M2M working group.

Time and Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1pm-5pm

2 Rue Charles Camichel
31000 Toulouse, France




Please add you name below if you plan on attending this meeting. You do not need to be registered for EclipseCon France to attend.

  • Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation
  • Benjamin Cabe, Sierra Wireless