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* [[ATL/User_Guide|ATL User Documentation]]
* [[ATL/User_Guide|ATL User Documentation]]
* [[ATL/Developer_Guide|ATL Developer Documentation]]
* [[ATL/Developer_Guide|ATL Developer Documentation]]
* [[ATL/Tutorials|Tutorials on how to use ATL]]
And here are some additional wiki pages:
And here are some additional wiki pages:

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The ATL component of the M2M project aims at providing a set of model-to-model transformation tools. These include some sample ATL transformations, an ATL transformation engine, and an IDE for ATL (ADT: ATL Development Tools). ATL is part of the AMMA platform.

Questions and Discussions About ATL Usage

Questions and discussions about the usage of ATL should take place on the eclipse.modeling.m2m Eclipse newsgroup for the M2M project (more details about this newsgroup there), of which ATL is a component. Please, remember to prefix the subject of your ATL-related posts with [ATL].

The archives of the old atl_discussion mailing list may also be helpful.

Before posting, you should check if your question is not already answered in the ATL FAQ, the ATL Howtos, or the ATL Language Troubleshooter.

Information About ATL

Getting ATL

Using ATL

A number of pages can help you developing transformations in ATL:

And here are some additional wiki pages:

Contributing to ATL

There are several ways to contribute to ATL:

Presentations about ATL

EclipseCon 2008 EclipseCon 2009