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MDT OCL/Ocl Checker

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This work is developed by Atos Origin and sponsored by Airbus in the context of OPEES.


Topcased proposes for years now some components tailored for industrial usage around the verification of static semantics of models based on MDT OCL:

  • An OCL evaluator, aiming to support and make the development of OCL rules easier.
  • An OCL checker that evaluate a list of constraints & queries on any EMF model and provides the results in either a GUI or the Problem View, or in reports based on templates (which can be generated from the GUI or in batch mode).

The goal of this project is to contribute these tools to MDT OCL, and to propose a few improvements as:

  • Advanced meta-data around OCL rules: dependencies between rules, error messages, model scope.
  • Auto-generation of OCL verification plug-ins based on rules files.
  • Integration with the new MDT OCL rules editor.

Schedule (dates tentative)

The project is scheduled to be ready on December, 2011 as part of MDT OCL.

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