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Milestone 6

The milestone was completed on Monday, 19 March 2012

Milestone 6 involved minor bug fixing and 1 enhancement.


373643 Provide a Dynamic Constraint Provider for the UML Metamodel Constraints

This enhancement defines a constraint provider, plugging into the EMF/Validation EMF Validation Framework used by GMF-based editors, that exposes all of the UML metamodel constraints implemented in the UML2 generated EValidator as constraints in that framework.

To ensure that this does not introduce a required dependency on the validation framework, the provider implementation class DelegatingConstraintProvider is not registered on the org.eclipse.emf.validation.constraintProviders extension point by the UML plug-in. Rather, it is the responsibility of applications that wish to integrate the UML validation into their workflows to do this registration.

For example, the MDT/Papyrus graphical UML modeller project integrates this new constraint provider. See a model with some structural issues about to be validated in Papyrus:

Invocation model validation in Papyrus

And see the results reported in the Problems view:

Validation problems in Papyrus

For further details, please see the entry in the Bugzilla database.

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