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The Eclipse OCL code is maintained in a GIT repository which is used by Clone Repository. This repository is used in a traditional 'client'/'server' fashion, even though GIT treats all users as peers. The definitive state is on the 'server' at git://git.eclipse.org/gitroot/mdt/org.eclipse.ocl.git. Individual committers establish 'client' clones of the 'server' so that for committers, the definitive development stream is at origin/master and each committer's master is a branch of origin/master. A definitive maintenance stream is at for instance origin/R3_1.

The capabilities of EGit are described at EGit/User Guide. The documentation here is complementary, it describes how the committers use EGit to satisfy typical use cases.

Complete Use Cases

Perform a Non-trivial Change

The normal evolution of the project code involves a non-trivial change that may take a few days or weeks to develop, may need review by another committer and may occur concurrently with some other change.

A Bugzilla describes the intended change and supports communication regarding the progress of the change.

The change is developed in a branch whose name starts with bug/nnnnnn where nnnnnn is the Bugzilla number. A short description may follow.

Partial Use Cases

Clone Repository

Create New Branch

Switch to Local Branch

Switch to Remote Branch

Review Changes

Create Patch

Request Review

Rebase Branch onto origin/master

Merge Branch onto origin/master

Merge Branch onto Another Branch

Archive Old Branch