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MDT-SBVR 0.7 Project Plan

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Note: This is a draft of the requirements document and is expected to change.

Last revised: 2008-04-01

Please send your feedback on this draft document to the developer mailing list.

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Status of a requirement

The current status of a requirement can be one of the following categories.


These are requirements that are being considered for this release. These are items that are either being investigated or items that the project would like to explore but are not yet Committed. Most of the requirements should start as proposed items. After a review and some amount of detailed planning, their status will either become committed or deferred.


These are requirements that the project team is definitely going to address in the release. Resources and some amount of detailed plans have been identified for such items.


These are valid requirements that started in a Proposed state but will not be addressed in this release. Each such item will have a brief note explaining the cause for the deferral.

Flags on a requirement

A requirement can have these additional flags.

Help Wanted Help.gif

These are valid requirements in the 'Propsed' or 'Deferred' status that require volunteers to work on them. These are especially good candidates for companies or individuals who want to get involved with SBVR in a large way.

Complete File:Checkmark-10x10.gif

This flag is used to mark items as they are mostly finished. While the items might continue to have bugs fixed etc. until the final release, we expect each milestone will have some items to mark as "complete", such as those going into a New and Noteworthy document for that milestone. This flag is a good indication that something is ready to be fully tested, documented, etc.


SBVR Metamodel Implementation


  • Enhance model validation. Add EMF validation constraints for SBVR structural rules in the specification. (bug#xxx)
  • SBVR 1.1 compliance. Modify the metamodel and XMI interoperability as necessary for compliance with SBVR 1.1. (bug#xxx)


  • EMF plug-ins for SBVR 1.0 CMOF metamodel. Generate EMF model, edit, and editor plug-ins using the CMOF model delivered with the SBVR 1.0 specification. Fix metamodel bugs and provide feedback to the SBVR RTF, as required. (bug#xxx)
  • Load and Save XMI compliant with SBVR 1.0. (bug#xxx)
  • Enhance metamodel for tool developers. The SBVR metamodel has a very "flat" structure without composition/containment or navigable associations. Modify the metamodel structure as necessary to enable improved APIs for tool development. (bug#xxx)


SBVR Sample Tools


  • Project Explorer navigator view. Provide an o.e.sbvr.ui.navigator plug-in that contributes a Project Explorer content provider, support for undo/redo, edit menus, SaveablesProvider, content filtering, and virtual content folders. (bug#xxx)
  • Import business vocabulary from UML. Work with the SBVR community to define and implement transformation from UML domain models to SBVR vocabulary. (bug#xxx)
  • Help.gif Transform SBVR to Platform-Independent Models (PIM). For example, to support IT design and implementaiton using UML and OCL, production rule engines, etc.


  • Menus for adding new concepts. Implement popup menu actions contributed to sample editor and Project Explorer view, e.g. Add Term, Add Definition, etc. Each action will add and link all required metamodel elements: Concept, Designation, and signifier Expression.(bug#xxx)


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