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M2T Meeting 2007-04-12

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  • Paul Elder
  • Arjan Kok


  • Component status
  • Code in /cvsroot/modeling/org.eclipse.m2t/ CVS? Code to be migrated from /cvsroot/technology/org.eclipse.emft/ CVS?
  • Releng code ready? Releng needs migration?
  • Bugzilla (components, milestones, descriptions)
  • Public Website (component descriptions, shell for downloads/updates/feeds/news/etc.)
  • Internal Website (for running builds, etc.)
  • Should M2T stay an incubating project? The main advantage is the parallel IP process. Some insights on how this can work with some components being leaving incubation while the project remains in incubation:
  • Schedule next meeting

Call Information

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