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M2T-JET/Committer Resources

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This page is intended for M2T-JET committers and other developers working with the JET source

Builds and Promotion

Galileo (and Helios?) promote fixes

The Eclipse Jar signing process is corrupting the org.eclipse.jet_1.0.x.yyyyyyyy.jar.gz file. See Bug 275150. As a work around, perform the following after a successful build, but prior to promotion to the Eclipse download sites:

  1. log into the build server ( using putty
  2. Use sudo to become the build user.
sudo -u apache -i 

Within the sudo shell, perform the following commands:

  1. Change to the build directory (e.g. /home/www-data/build/modeling/m2t/jet/downloads/drops/x.y.z/build-id).
  2. Use the zip command to delete the org.eclipse.jet_a.b.c.qualifier.jar.gz from the Master zip (
  3. Use the md5sum command to recompute the MD5 hash of the master zip file (
  4. Exit sudo

The following is an example of the commands given to the sudo shell.

cd /home/www-data/build/modeling/m2t/jet/downloads/drops/1.0.1/S200909010949 
zip -d eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.jet_1.0.1.v200908201022.jar.pack.gz
md5sum >

Finally, promote the build as usual.

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