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M2M/QVT Declarative Installation

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Installation of QVTd Editors

Installation of QVTd Development Environment

The first few steps may be omitted if you are reusing an existing Eclipse environment.

Install Java 1.5 or 1.6

Install Eclipse 3.6M4

e..g Extract All from eclipse-SDK-3.6M4-win32.zip.

Install MDT UML2 SDK 3.1.0M4 (and EMF-XSD 2.6.0M4)

Window->Install New Software from http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/mdt/updates/milestones/ and select UML2 SDK 3.1M4.

Install Subclipse

(This required to access the IMP SVN repository. If you prefer subversion edit the foot of qvtd.psf after the next step)

Window->Install New Software from http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.6.x and select all features. (You may exclude the Mylyn integration to avoid a number of dependent downloads.)

Get qvtd.psf

Either: Save http://eclipse.org/modeling/m2m/qvtd/resources/qvtd.psf to some temporary file in your workspace.

Or: Check out HEAD/www/modeling/m2m/qvtd from the /cvsroot/org.eclipse repository on dev.eclipse.org.

Import QVTd, MDT/OCL, EMF Query, EMF Transaction, EMF Validation, IMP Runtime, LPG 2 Runtime

Invoke Import Project Set... from the right button menu of qvtd.psf.

Build the Examples

Invoke Run As->Ant Build from the right button menu of org.eclipse.qvt.declarative.examples/buildZips.xml.

Invoke Refresh from the right button menu of org.eclipse.qvt.declarative.examples/zips.

Run a nested Eclipse

Invoke Run As->Eclipse Application from e.g. org.eclipse.qvt.declarative.examples/plugin.xml.

Close the Intro page.

Create an Example Project

Invoke New->Project ... from the right button menu within the Package Explorer.

Select e.g. Examples->QVT (Queries, Views and transformation) Projects->Royal and Loyal Example.

Click Finish.

Double click /org.eclipse.qvt.declarative.examples.ocl.royalandloyal/oclsrc/RoyalAndLoyal/RoyalAndLoyal.ocl