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M2E Development Environment

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Download and unpack Eclipse latest SDK Juno build from . Both 3.8 and 4.2 builds are expected to work.

Install m2e 1.2 or newer from .

Clone m2e-core repository. Committers should use ssh:// For read-only access use either git:// or

Import m2e-core as existing maven project. Follow onscreen instructions, allow m2e to install additional software and restart eclipse when requested.

Clone m2e-core-tests repository. Developers should use For read-only access use either git://

Import m2e-core-tests as existing maven project.

Submitting patches

m2e team only accepts git-format-patch formatted patches attached to eclipse bugzilla. In most cases the following command generates needed patch format from the most recent commit in the git repository.

   git format-patch -1

In addition to normal description of the change, the commit message must also include a statement that confirms that the contributor

  1. wrote 100% of the code;
  2. that they have the right to contribute the code to Eclipse;
  3. the file header contains the appropriate License

(see eclipse legal poster for reasons why we require this).

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