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M2E-WTP Development Status Meeting


General status

  • IP fully cleared by EMO \o/
  • List of bug fixed for the current Milestone changelog

Release Candidates and Final Release

  • RC1 was released on 22/08/2012
  • RC2 (1 bugfix + signed jars)
  • TODOs for the release in september
  • Ultimate service release for m2eclipse-wtp (github)

What comes next

  • Plans for Juno SR2


General status

  • List of bug fixed for the current Milestone changelog

Integration/Milestone builds availability

API status

  • For historical reasons, many m2e-wtp classes are exposed from public packages. Fred doesn't feel they should be considered public API as they do not always adhere to the principles in, so he wants to move all of them to internal packages. It was agreed, from Carl and Chuck experience with WTP, to keep them and mark them as @provisional instead, to minimize disruption for 3rd party adopters.

Other topics

  • An Juno SR1 RC1 version will be released for wed. 22/08
  • the question was raised about the need to disable the Deployment Assembly page for maven projects, since the deployment assembly is controlled by project configurators. It appears we'd need WTP to expose some locking preferences, that would be triggered by m2e-wtp. m2e-wtp should also let users keep their custom settings and prevent their automatic overriding.
  • A number of WTP bugs has been created in the context of m2e-wtp and should be addressed in future WTP releases.


General status

m2e-wtp's incubation is moving forward!

  • The web site has been set up at
  • m2e-wtp's initial contribution has been greenlit by the IP Team to be uploaded to Eclipse's Git repository, under the parallel IP process.
  • m2e-wtp integration tests code is available at github
  • The issue tracker has been set up in Eclipse Bugzilla. There will be no issue migration from Sonatype's JIRA. All previous issues will need to be reopened manually in BZ.
  • A #m2e-wtp IRC chat room is opened at freenode
  • A mailing list for discussions about m2e-wtp developement has been set up.
  • TODO : Add some documentation for setting up the developement environment (i.e. how to build m2e-wtp)

Build infrastructure

  • Due to the m2e-wtp test code not being part of m2e-wtp's initial contribution, m2e-wtp is not built using's Build infrastructure (similar to m2e).
  • Instead, Jenkins jobs have been set up under Red Hat's internal build farm.
  • Currently, m2e-wtp compiles correctly against Helios, Indigo and Juno. Integration tests are run against Indigo.
  • m2e-wtp is built continuously and CI builds are pushed to a public p2 repository hosted by :
  • TODO : Some tests fail randomly. We need to stabilize them and start from solid foundations before going forward
  • TODO : Evaluate the possibility of advertising new dev build availablity on the m2e-wtp-dev mailing list

Backward compatibility

  • IBM wishes to keep Helios backward compatibility. m2e-wtp currently compiles against Helios, but needs to be tested against it. However, its unlikely the existing tests will pass in Helios due to some slight changes in behaviour.
  • IBM is willing to perform these backward compatibility tests on their infrastructure and eventually contribute patches back to m2e-wtp and m2e.
  • not discussed : backward compatibility / coexistence with the current m2eclipse-wtp install base


  • Our objective is to join the Juno SR1 release train on 28/09/2012.
  • According to the Juno SR1 calendar, we should target RC1+3 and prepare readyness for wed. 22/08
  • we'll work on a release plan (using m2e's release plan as an example),
  • m2e-wtp 0.16.0 will focus on stabilization and its main new features will be around the Eclipse to Maven project conversion area (converts eclipse settings to their maven plugin counterpart)

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