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M2E-WTP-Dev Environment

Revision as of 12:03, 6 July 2012 by (Talk | contribs) (corrected the default eclipse build platform : juno)

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Clone m2e-wtp and m2e-wtp-tests

Build m2e-wtp within Eclipse

Build m2e-wtp via command line

   mvn clean install

This will build m2e-wtp against the juno platform.

  • Alternatively, execute the following to build against other platforms (helios, indigo and juno are supported)
   mvn clean install<platformId>

The very first build should be *very* long (tens of minutes), as maven will need to download all the build pre-requisites from internet. Subsequent builds can be sped up by going offline :

   mvn clean install -o

Change directory to go under m2e-wtp-tests and execute :

   mvn clean install

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