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Tracked Resource Set Provider for Bugzilla Workshop


Please refer to Building and running the TRS Adapter for Bugzilla sample


  • Java, JavaScript, Java Servlet, Java Server Pages (JSP), HTML and JAX-RS Web Services programming experience
  • Basic understanding of Resource Description Framework (RDF), Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC and OAuth (


This workshop will focus on the implementation of Tracked Resource Set (TRS) provider. It is intended to provide a foundation in the skills required for developing Tracked Resource Set Provider implementations.

As the TRS is based on OSLC, this workshop is designed as the supplement for the workshop WKSP-1875 OSLC Enable Your Tool in a Day and depends on its OSLC provider/consumer functions.

Learning Objectives

This workshop leads you to go through steps to enable Bugzilla as Tracked Resource Set Provider, which is an already-working implementation. This will make Bugzilla capable of sending Change Logs.

It is built on top of OSLC-CM compatible adapter which implements OSLC Change Management(CM) provider, it is recommended to try WKSP-1875 OSLC Enable Your Tool in a Day first. The basic understanding of CM provider is also required for this workshop.

Once you will complete this workshop, you will have the fundamental skill of :

  • TRS service REST API implementation
  • The extension of OAuth implementation
  • OSLC resources definition for TRS

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