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toolkit-trs-core The goal of the toolkit-trs-core library is to provide a simple set of java beans that represent the entities within the TRS specification. Additionally, a convenient set of string constants that represent the TRS properties is provided through the toolkit-core dependency within. Beans TrackedResourceSet Base AbstractChangeLog ChangeLog EmptyChangeLog ChangeEvent Creation Modification Deletion

toolkit-trs-enhanced No toolkit for the enhanced tier is provided at this time.

toolkit-trs-deluxe The goal of the toolkit-trs-deluxe library is to provide the most inclusive library stack for adopting TRS. This library has the most dependencies and is usually more suited for newer project developments looking to get the biggest headstart . Additionally, a concrete example of this framework is implemented in the TRS Reference application. This library framework will provide the ability for: Generating the TRS services via JAX-RS using Apache Wink (De)Serialization of the TRS Beans through OSLC4J The main addition to this tier is the additional libraries (oslc4j-wink [1.0], oslc4j-jena-provider [1.1-SNAPSHOT]) to support the features enumerated above.