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Building and Running the Lyo Sharepoint Sample in Eclipse


Clone the Lyo Server git repository

This example assumes EGit is being used.

  • Open the Git Repositories view in Eclipse and click the Clone Git Repository icon
  • Use git:// as the URI (browse it also on line). User/Password are not required.
  • On the Branch Selection page, select the master branch
  • On the Local Destination page, specify a location or accept the default and click Finish

The repository should now show up in your Git Repositories view.

Import Eclipse projects from the git repository

  • In the Git Repositories view, right click org.eclipse.lyo.server and select Import Projects
  • Select the Import Existing Projects wizard and click Next
  • Import the following projects:
    • org.eclipse.lyo.samples.sharepoint

TODO: screenshot

  • [Optional] Add the projects to a new working set.

Edit the Sharepoint configuration

Find and open the file.

Modify the values in the following key/value pairs:

The adapter_uri is used to specify the OSLC adapter which will sit between Microsoft Sharepoint and Rational Team Concert (RTC). It should be a working URI for the OSLC adapter servlet, e.g. http://localhost:8080/OSLCSharepoint. This servlet provides an OSLC Catalog, Service provider, an example of Creation and Selection dialogs and a delegated UI for sharepoint documents.

Next, specify the Microsoft Sharepoint service for OData by updating sharepoint_uri, usually this is specified by appending "_vti_bin/listdata.svc" to your Sharepoinnt server. (e.g.:

Next, specify the basic authentication (userid, password) for accessing the Sharepoint server at the address for sharepoint_uri.

Build the projects

  • In the Eclipse Package Explorer view, select all the projects you've imported, right click, and select Maven->Update Project Configuration. Click OK.
  • Run Maven Install on each project in this order,
    • org.eclipse.lyo.server.samples.sharepoint
  • To run Maven Install,
    • Expand the project
    • Right click pom.xml and select Run As->Maven install.


  • IBM JVM/JRE Users: There is an issue with m2eclipse and the the IBM JRE. If you have see the error java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder when running a Maven install, you need to copy a newer slf4j api jar into your JRE directory to work around the issue until it is fixed:

Run the Sharepoint sample web application

KW -> Instructions here for running and using the adapter

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