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This page contains the project plans for the Eclipse Lyo project. The first part of the plan describes the various components of Lyo and the currently planned enhancements to functionality. This plan is subject to changes based on community participation and the importance of proposed functionality to the community - we encourage anyone interested to participate. The planning process will be as open as possible and this plan will be updated as it changes. Please provide feedback on the lyo-dev@eclipse.org mailing list.

Lyo Components


  • Documentation
  • Constant strings for OSLC namespaces and providers
  • POJO model for OSLC resources
  • RDF parser and serializer
  • JSON parser and serializer
  • OSLC query parser
  • HTTP client library
  • Basic, Form, Oauth support
  • Client query builder (contributors needed)

Test suite for OSLC

The test suite for OSLC is currently available on the Lyo project. See the Lyo test suite page for details. Currently planned enhancements are

  • Add reporting capabilities
  • Improve Change Management MUST and SHOULD requirement coverage (contributors needed)
  • Improve Requirements and Change Management MUST coverage (contributors needed)
  • Improved query tests (contributors needed)
  • Improved Oauth tests
  • Tests driven by resource shape documents (contributors needed)

Reference implementations for OSLC (RIOs)

Reference implementations are currently available for the Change, Requirements and Architecture Management specifications. See the Lyo reference implementation page for details. Currently planned enhancements are:

  • Support for the Quality Management domain (contributors needed)
  • Adoption of the OSLC Java SDK
  • Refactoring to allow for pluggable RDF and application server technologies (contributors needed)
  • Improve reference implementation web UI (contributors needed)

Additional Proposed SDKs

Contributors are needed and welcome for all of the following:

  • .NET (C# or other)
  • Perl
  • Python
  • PHP
  • JavaScript


Currently planned milestones are:

  • M1 (Q4 2011) - theme is test suite enhancements
* Reporting
   * Bug 365198 - Would like to add the compliance toolkit to the TestSuite
   * Bug 365201 - Seeking a place to post OSLC compliance baseline reports
   * Bug 365206 - Post the OSLC Test Suite and Compliance toolkit instructions documentation
   * Bug 365302 - Post the "OSLC TestSuite and Compliance Test" demo/walkthrough video      
* Improved CM MUST and SHOULD requirement coverage
   * Bug 365618 - Complete CM MUST test cases
   * Analyze CM SHOULD coverage
* Improved QM and RM MUST coverage
   * Bug 365622 - QM and RM core spec coverage by the test suite 
* Suite bug fixes and enhancements
   * Bug 365422 - Add RDF model validation to the OSLC JUnits. 
  • M2 (Q1 2012) - theme is initial Java SDK and refactored reference implementations
* Initial Java provider and client SDK
* Example reference implementations based on the SDK
* Additional test suite enhancements to support apps written with the SDK
  • M3/Beta (Q2 2012) - theme is feature completeness
* Full Java provider and client SDKs
* Reference implementation completely refactored to take advantage of SDK 
* Reference implementation can use pluggable RDF/application server providers
* Documentation
  • Release candidates and 1.0 (Q3 2012) - theme is stabilization and shutdown
  * Stretch items based on community participation
     * non-Java language SDKs
     * Additional reference implementation and test suite enhancements
  * Release shutdown work