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RIO Architecture Design

The current code base of RIO evolved only slightly from its minimalistic origins when it was called SORI.  The original implementation's motiviation was to provide a quick, small bare minimal implementation of the OSLC service provider specification to; 1) vet the specification and 2) provide a sandbox for experimentation.  It became clear shortly thereafter that an OSLC reference implementation could be used for many other purposes that include adaption to in-house tooling wanting to be OSLC aware, and to provide a framework of libraries for OSLC providers and consumers alike.  

This document opens up a discussion of RIO's design evolution to meet these new business and design goals.

Design Goals

The following goals motive all designs for RIO architecture.

  • Keep it as simple as possible but no simpler than required
  • Keep all code readable.  This is a reference implementation where the source is always available.  
  • The web UI should avoid developing complex frameworks
  • Make it easy to extend into other domains.  

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