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* Release date is 2/06/2013
* Release date is 2/06/2013
The themes for 1.1 are 
== Download ==
== Download ==

Latest revision as of 14:12, 13 February 2013

Lyo 1.1 New and Noteworthy

  • Release date is 2/06/2013


  • Jars with and without the Eclipse Foundation approved dependencies are on the Lyo download page

OSLC4J Enhancements

  • OSLC Client SDK is now packaged with OSLC4J.
    • Simplifies building an OSLC consumer in Java
    • There are several samples for using it in the "client" Git repo
  • OSLC Query library included with OSLC4J
    • assists in parsing OSLC query syntax
    • includes some examples in the form of tests.
    • The OSLC4JBugzilla adapter is another example of using this library.
  • OAuth provider SDK and web application
    • assists in adding OAuth 1.0 or 1.0a support to an OSLC provider.
    • Includes a web app with administrative and delegated authorization UIs
    • The OSLC4JBugzilla adapter is an example of using this library. ]

OSLC Test Suite Enhancements

Additional Samples

  • client library sample usage
  • automation reference implementation

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