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This page is dedicated to Lyo's reference implementation for the W3C Linked Data Platform which provides the basis for OSLC 3.


Build a minimalistic reference implementation based on a set of community prioritized technologies. Initial work will be using Java-based frameworks such as JAX-RS with Apache Jena. From this, plan to learn about how an SDK might be developed and for OSLC needs, how OSLC4J will evolve.


Simple approach to have 1 interface/class per type of LDP resource. There are usually 2 named graph per resource, named by the URL itself and a companion one to hold implementation specific information (appended with "?config"). Have Jena specific extensions.

Goal is to learn from this experience, not for it to initially be highly scalable and reusable framework.

Information on how to get access to source code and build instructions is located on a separate page.

Specification Conformance

Feature Status Notes
LDP Basic Containers completed
LDP Direct Containers completed All variants supported : membershipResource, hasMemberRelation, isMemberOfRelation
LDP Indirect Containers not started uncertain when/if we do
LDP Non-RDF Sources completed

Testsuite compliance

Test results have been submitted and plan to update as both this reference implementation improves as well as the ldp-testsuite as well.


Actively working on a near-complete reference implementation in support of LDP implementation feedback. Investigating a place to have it publicly hosted. Considering provide more robust logging and also provide reports for client testing.

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