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This application is an example of Tracked Resource Set provider for the Bugzilla application. It is built on top of OSLC-CM compatible adapter which implements OSLC Change Management provider .

This application uses the OSLC4J SDK as well as TRS SDK to build up the adapter from Plain Old Java Objects and relatively simple JAX-RS web services.

Building and Running the Lyo Bugzilla Sample in Eclipse


In addition to the prerequisites of OSLC-CM compatible adapter 

  • The TRS SDK libraries - currently must be built from source (see below)

Clone the Lyo Docs and Server Git repositories

The code resides in the Lyo docs repository since it is part of the TRS Workshop.

This example assumes EGit is being used to download the code.

  • Open the Git Repositories view in Eclipse and click the Clone Git Repository icon
  • Use git:// as the URI (browse it also on line). User/Password are not required.
  • On the Branch Selection page, select the master branch
  • On the Local Destination page, specify a location or accept the default and click Finish

The repositories should now show up in your Git Repositories view.

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