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LocationTech/November15 2012

This is the monthly meeting for the LocationTech working group.

LocationTech Logo 500.png

Time and Location

Thursday November 15, 2012 @ 5pm EST

See the conference bridge details


Quick updates

  • Updates: infrastructure, web site, project creations, new members, launch

(5 minutes)

Discussion Topics

With so many companies (>60) involved with LocationTech the natural next step is to work to identify open source projects, or existing technology that can be open sourced to rally around. Two areas of particularly high demand have been web components and very high performance data processing. We would like to identify those who are interested in these areas and form sub-teams.

  • Web mapping and esp. common interest in OpenLayers (see related roadmap video)
  • Very high performance processing

(roughly 25 minutes each)


The following people plan to attend:

  • Andrew Ross - Eclipse Foundation
  • Jody Garnett - uDig & OSGeo member
  • Xavier Lopez - Oracle
  • Craig Statchuk - IBM
  • Geoff Zeiss - Between the Poles
  • Chris Holmes, Eddie Pickle - OpenGeo
  • Dave Sonnen - IDC & Consultant to Teradata
  • Thierry Badard - Spatialitics
  • Brian Durwood - ImpulseC


  • Dale Harrison - Twitter
  • Dave McIlhagga - MapSherpa

  • Heather Leson - Ushahidi
  • Phil Bogden - RadiantBlue
  • Frank Gasdorf - uDig (PSC)
  • Thierry Badard - Spatialytics
  • Werner Keil - Independent consultant & Eclipse UOMo project lead
  • Tyler Mitchell - Actian
  • Dr. Angela Demke Brown - University of Toronto
  • Matthew Ford - AGI
  • Tim Astle - CARIS
  • Peter Batty - Ubisense & OSGeo board liaison

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