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Load Balancing Remote Services

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Load Balancing ECF Remote Services

ECF's remote services API allows arbitrary services to be exposed for remote access/invocation.

In some cases, such services will be long-running and/or computationally intensive, and this can mean that multiple servers can/should be used to actually execute the given service, so as not to use all resource available on a given server. What would be desirable is that the actual remote service request be dynamically load balanced among some arbitary number of servers, so as not to overload a given server instance.

ECF now has an example that uses the ECF ActiveMQ provider to dynamically load balance individual service requests to an arbitrary number of server processes, thereby distributing the load caused by the service requests onto as many server processes as can be made available. The actual load balancing of individual requests is done by using a JMS Queue, which has load balancing semantics built in.

The load balancing example projects are available in CVS:

CVS root:  '''/cvsroot/rt'''
CVS module:  '''org.eclipse.ecf/examples/bundles'''
Modules:  '''org.eclipse.ecf.loadbalancing.*'''

Or you can use this project set file to load the 4 example projects into your workspace.