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Revision as of 16:21, 8 September 2016 by (Talk | contribs) (Docker Container Label Support)

Docker Tooling

Docker Compose

Support has been added for docker compose.

Docker Hierarchy View

A new view has been added to show the hierarchy of Docker images.


Docker Push Improvements

Improvements have been made in the Docker Push wizard to add --force support.

Docker Registry Support

Support has been added to allow registering a user with password for a remote registry and to use the registry for push / pull.

Automated Connection Detection

Automated Docker Connection detection has been improved for Windows/Mac. In addition, an extension has been added to allow additional settings providers in the future.

Docker Container Label Support

Docker Containers can have labels added to them.


In addition, the Docker Containers view now supports filtering by label.


Connection Wizard Clipboard Support

Have you ever found yourself needing to pass a bunch of parameters to the connection wizard that are printed from the command-line ? If it's an authenticated TCP connection it can be quite a hassle.

With clipboard support, one only needs to copy/select a range of lines containing the connection information and it'll be automatically filled into the connection wizard as it's being brought up (eg. "Add Connection").


While we might not be able to support every single kind of Daemon connection, we can certainly make it easier to get that information into the Docker Tooling.

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