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* Tag each release with vMajor.Minor.Micro
* Tag each release with vMajor.Minor.Micro
* See [ Semantic Versioning] for more details
* See [ Semantic Versioning] for more details
== More reading ==
* [[MDT/OCL/Dev/EGit]] OCL project guide
* [[Platform-releng/Git_Workflows]] Eclipse Platform Git Workflows

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Git for Linux Tools

In late February 2011, we moved from SVN to Git. Our SVN repositories were joined into one Git repository (and one for eclipse-build).


First steps

Commit messages

  • See guidelines others have written such as this one


Please ensure that you fetch and rebase rather than merge. When new branches are created, please use the "rebase" pull strategy. This is documented in the EGit User Guide: EGit/User_Guide#Branch_Creation_Dialog and is performed on the commandline like so:

git config branch.<branchname>.rebase true

  • Branches created for bug fixes
    • prefix the name with the bug # and a 'very' short description (ex. 307258-automake-tabs-to-spaces)
  • Release branches
    • stable-Major.Minor
  • Branches specific to a sub-project
    • namespaced (ex. valgrind/remote, lttng/super-awesome-feature)


More reading

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