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== Tags ==
== Tags ==
* Tag each release with vMajor.Minor.Micro
* Tag each release with vMajor.Minor.Micro
* See [ Semantic Versioning] for more details

Revision as of 10:24, 23 February 2011

Git for Linux Tools

In late February 2011, we moved from SVN to git. Our SVN repositories were joined into one git repository (and one for eclipse-build).

First steps

Commit messages

  • See guidelines others have written such as this one


  • Branches created for bug fixes
    • prefix the name with the bug # and a 'very' short description (ex. 307258-automake-tabs-to-spaces)
  • Release branches
    • stable-Major.Minor
  • Branches specific to a sub-project
    • namespaced (ex. valgrind/remote, lttng/super-awesome-feature)


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