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Linux Tools Project/ChangeLog/User Guide

Using the ChangeLog Plugin

The ChangeLog plug-in for Eclipse is a basic set of extensions to enable ChangeLog functionality for projects in Eclipse.

Before using the plug-in, you will want to set the ChangeLog preferences. These include your desired name and e-mail address to use in a ChangeLog entry. The default entries will be your username and your username@hostname. If you set the environment variables: ECLIPSE_CHANGELOG_REALNAME and/or ECLIPSE_CHANGELOG_EMAIL these will be used instead as your defaults.

ChangeLog Preferences

To access the ChangeLog Preferences, click Window > Preferences > ChangeLog.


The screenshot above illustrates the preferences associated with the ChangeLog plug-in. The effect of each preference is described below.

Author Name

The name of the Author to be included in the ChangeLog entry.

Author Email

The email address of the Author to be included in the ChangeLog entry.


The name of the formatter module to use for ChangeLog entries.


The name of the editor module to use for opening ChangeLog file.

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