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(Using the ChangeLog Plugin)
(ChangeLog Preferences)
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To access the '''ChangeLog Preferences''', click '''Window > Preferences > ChangeLog'''.
To access the '''ChangeLog Preferences''', click '''Window > Preferences > ChangeLog'''.
[[Image: ChangeLogPreferences]]
[[Image: Linuxtools-ChangeLogPreferences.png]]

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Using the ChangeLog Plugin

The ChangeLog plug-in for Eclipse is a basic set of extensions to enable ChangeLog functionality for projects in Eclipse.

Before using the plug-in, you will want to set the ChangeLog preferences. These include your desired name and e-mail address to use in a ChangeLog entry. The default entries will be your username and your username@hostname. If you set the environment variables: ECLIPSE_CHANGELOG_REALNAME and/or ECLIPSE_CHANGELOG_EMAIL these will be used instead as your defaults.

ChangeLog Preferences

To access the ChangeLog Preferences, click Window > Preferences > ChangeLog.


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