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Linux Tools Project

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Welcome to the home page for the Eclipse Linux Distributions Project. If you use Eclipse on Linux and are interested in promoting the adoption of Eclipse as an application development environment for the Linux platform, we urge you to get involved and help us out.


The goals of our project are:

  • Simplify the creation of Eclipse packages (RPM and deb) for Linux platforms, and standardize the process for doing so across multiple distributions of Linux.
  • Connect the Eclipse Update Mechanism with the Linux multi-user system model.
  • Create more Linux Development Tools for Eclipse, for example:
    • GNU Autotools support
    • Man page editors
    • RPM Spec file editors
    • and more...
  • Work within the open source community to promote adoption of Eclipse on Linux


Original Project Proposal to the Eclipse Foundation (hosted on until it is moved here)

Project Mailing List


The project currently has involved participants from the following distributions (in alphabetical order):

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