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Lightning Retrospective Guide

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This page provides both a sample of a good retrospective and a natural place to add your retrospective for the Europa Build Workshop. You won't need to make slides to present at the workshop. We'll provide access to these pages and a big font.

(your project name here)

Describe yourselves, your project and your relationship to other developers on the team. Consider describing ...

  • years of experience in development, doing release engineering, and specifically building Eclipse projects.
  • how you work, on a good day, or on a not so good day. how does your work change as you ramp-down toward release.
  • what automation you use and how often you change it. how late in a project you would consider automation changes and how you would know that they work.

Describe your Callisto experience. Consider describing ...

  • special adjustments you made because of your participation in the simultanious release.
  • tactical communication regarding inbound and outbound bits.
  • strategic communication with respect to the Callisto planning team.

Describe your hopes and ambitions for Europa. Consider describing ...

  • facilities you wish you had and how they might work and who you would trust to build them.
  • precedures that would make your life less stressful or more efficient. also when and how you would escape those precedures in an emergency.
  • communication mechanisms that would support both routine and exceptional circumstances that are sure to arise as more projects join the release train.