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= Builds =
= Builds =
Libra build run on via Hudson using  
Libra build run on via Hudson using:
* [ at least Maven 3.0.0]
* [ at least Maven 3.0.0]
* Tycho
* Tycho
Hudson: []
* []

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Getting Started


Currently Libra supports only Eclipse Indigo. As a prerequisite you need to install Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. After that install Libra from the update site

The site contains:

  • OSGi Facet Feature
  • WAR Products Core Feature


  • WAR Products Core Feature provides WAR deployment for Equinox based applications
  • OSGi Facet Feature introduces:
    1. A new facet "OSGi Bundle" for Dynamic Web, JPA and Utility projects.
    2. Wizard for converting WTP standard projects to OSGi Enterprise bundle projects:
      • Dynamic Web projects to Web Application Bundle projects
      • JPA projects to Persistent Bundle projects
      • Utility projects and simple Java projects to OSGi Bundle projects
Both options modify project's MANIFEST.MF in order to become a valid OSGi bundle.

The facet may be enabled during project creation or after that from Properties page of the project. The wizard is available from project's context menu Configure > Convert to OSGi Bundle Projects...

Note that you may need to adjust your target platform accordingly.

Obtaining Sources

Sources are available in Git repository
In order to sync them locally, you may use EGit


Libra build run on via Hudson using:


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