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(Notes from 8-31 call)
(Notes from 8-31 call)
Line 84: Line 84:
# Change MDR2 to be "Asset Data"
# Change MDR2 to be "Asset Data"
# Add a third MDR, call "Monitor Data".
# Add a third MDR, call "Monitor Data".
** No green query box. Yellow registration box
* No green query box. Yellow registration box
# Add a CMDB (not implemented in COSMOS).   
# Add a CMDB (not implemented in COSMOS).   

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This page is the beginning of where we can begin our discussions on the CMDBf specification.


The CMDBf specification can be found here:


The COSMOS project intends to produce a reference implementation of a CMDBf Management Data Repository (MDR). The project will demonstrate how a client can use multiple MDRs through the CMDBf query interfaces and registration services to display information from multiple management systems. COSMOS will also create any additional infrastructure required to support the basic use case.

Basic Use Case

The image below is an overview of the most basic use case. Cosmos-cmdbf-overview.gif

  • Correct the picture: In the service broker, they both should be CMDBfQuery
  • Add Management Domain to picture... maybe another use case for bootstrapping
  • Need sequence diagram for use case
  • Add a line from the client directly to the MDRs. This is the use case where we want to bypass the federated database.


These are the high level requirements necessary to complete the implementation of CMDBf. We will break these down into bugzilla enhancement requests.

(Needs to be expanded on during the call... this is just a start....)

  • Query
    • Implement the CMDBf as a Muse capability. Bind to the CMDBf API
    • Start on Binding to Ali's API
    • Map CMDBf query to convenience APIs for SML repo, Stat repo, and CBE repo (this is the data set issues)

  • DataBroker/ProviderRegistry as MDR

Based on a discussion of the proposed DataBroker design, it appears that what is desired is a combination of an EPR registry for locating DataManagers and a repository of existing data sets that can be processed by those DataManagers. From the use case described above, it appears that the ProviderRegistry should act as an MDR to surface its knowledge of datasets and there attached metadata. If we are going to adopt the CMDBf query dialect as our lingua franca for communicating topology/metadata type information, then it makes sense to apply the CMDBf query capability to both the topology repository and the SDMX-style dataset/keyset repository of the ProviderRegistry.


The Data Broker is intended to be a simple component.

  • Clarification of Registration v. Query (Push vs. Pull).
  • MDR Negotiation: The handshake b/t the MDR and the Broker in order to facilitate Pull
  • Need to outline the use case of bootstrapping the MDR with the management domain.

Ali and David's design is here-->COSMOS_Design_200222

Notes from 8-31 call

Want to have pluggable reconcilliation. Define an "idResolver interface"

  • Want to have CMDBf query APIs in front of the data broker
    • Need to provide example of what is returned from the query, e.g. the graph query result
      • We'll need the EPR of the MDR, maybe some way to determine how to build a query for the MDR
  • Data Broker becomes an internal implementation detail of the ???
  • Break down the cmbdf query green box to separate the web services part
    • Break down the web services into the muse capabilities
  • We will use the registration APIs to add things into the data broker
    • But may only accept queries about what we know about
  • The data broker is not going to have relationships initially.
  • Who has data about "server 33"?

In the interest of time, don't worry about the ws-rc APIs on the broker

  • Picture Updates.....
  1. Change MDR2 to be "Asset Data"
  2. Add a third MDR, call "Monitor Data".
  • No green query box. Yellow registration box
  1. Add a CMDB (not implemented in COSMOS).

  • Add CMDBf query on the CMDB box. It takes care of the reconciliation. We ASSUME in COSMOS that ID reconciliation is done.

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