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Learn About Eclipse

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This document provides a starting point for software developer who would like to learn about building products on Eclipse frameworks and APIs.

Getting Started with Eclipse Plug-in and Product Development

Most (but not all) technology developed by Eclipse projects are based on the Eclipse Platform. The Eclipse Platform Technical Overview whitepaper provides a good overview of the platform.

Learning about Plug-ins:

There are numerous resources about Equinox, the component model that makes Eclipse work.

The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP):

User-interface technology:

Other important services and technology:

Other Resources:

Ask Questions

Perhaps the best way to learn about Eclipse is to ask questions. If you're not sure about where to ask a question, try the "New Comer" forum. Note that you'll have to create an account to contribute to the forum (you don't need an account to browse).

There is also a very large Eclipse contingent on Stack Overflow; tag your question with "eclipse".

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