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''This page is moderated by the EMO.''
''This page is moderated by the EMO.''
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This document provides a starting point for software developer who would like to learn about building products on Eclipse frameworks and APIs.

Getting Started with Eclipse Plug-in and Product Development

Most (but not all) technology developed by Eclipse projects are based on the Eclipse Platform. The Eclipse Platform Technical Overview whitepaper provides a good overview of the platform.

Learning about Plug-ins:

There are numerous resources about Equinox, the component model that makes Eclipse work.

The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP):

User-interface technology:

Other important services and technology:

Other Resources:


Eclipse is many things to many people. At its most basic, Eclipse is a Open Source Software Foundation with hundreds of different projects covering tools, runtimes, and more.

Ask Questions

Perhaps the best way to learn about Eclipse is to ask questions. If you're not sure about where to ask a question, try the "New Comer" forum. Note that you'll have to create an account to contribute to the forum (you don't need an account to browse).

There is also a very large Eclipse contingent on Stack Overflow; tag your question with "eclipse".


This page is moderated by the EMO.

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