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This document provides a starting point for software developer who would like to learn about building products on Eclipse frameworks and APIs.
=Getting Started=
Most (but not all) technology developed by Eclipse projects are based on the Eclipse Platform. The [http://eclipse.org/articles/Whitepaper-Platform-3.1/eclipse-platform-whitepaper.pdf Eclipse Platform Technical Overview] whitepaper provides a good overview of the platform.
Learning about Plug-ins:
* [http://eclipse.org/resources/resource.php?id=336 Developing Plug-ins for Eclipse] A complete course on Plug-in development.
[http://eclipse.org/resources/?sort=date&category=Plug-ins More Eclipse Plug-in resources]
The Eclipse Rich Client Platform:
* [http://eclipse.org/resources/resource.php?id=257 The Anatomy of an Eclipse RCP Application]
[http://eclipse.org/resources/?sort=date&category=RCP More Eclipse RCP resources]
Important Eclipse Technology:
* [http://eclipse.org/articles/Article-Forms/article.html Eclipse Forms: Rich UI for the Rich Client]
* [http://www.eclipse.org/articles/article.php?file=Article-Understanding-Layouts/index.html Understanding Layouts in SWT]
* [http://eclipse.org/articles/Article-SWT-images/graphics-resources.html Taking a look at SWT Images]
* [http://eclipse.org/articles/Article-WorkbenchSelections/article.html Using the Selection Service]
* [http://www.eclipse.org/articles/article.php?file=Article-Adapters/index.html Adapters]
* [http://eclipse.org/articles/Article-Progress-Monitors/article.html How to Correctly and Uniformly Use Progress Monitors]
* [http://eclipse.org/articles/article.php?file=Article-Accessibility351/index.html Designing Accessible Plug-ins in Eclipse]
[http://eclipse.org/resources/?sort=date&category=RCP More Eclipse Technology resources]
Other Resources:
* The [http://eclipse.org/examples/ Examples Project] Examples of Eclipse technology in action.
* [[The Official Eclipse FAQs]]
* [http://www.eclipse.org/swt/snippets SWT Snippets] Bits of code demonstrating how to use the Standard Widget Toolkit.
=Ask Questions=
Perhaps the best way to learn about Eclipse is to ask questions. If you're not sure about where to ask a question, try the [http://www.eclipse.org/forums/eclipse.newcomer "New Comer"] forum. Note that you'll have to create an account to contribute to the forum (you don't need an account to browse).
There is also a very large Eclipse contingent on [http://stackoverflow.com/ Stack Overflow]; tag your question with "eclipse".
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