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(Key Messages)
(IoT Java Projects)
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* Concierge  [OSGi runtime]
* Concierge  [OSGi runtime]
* Paho Java Client  [MQTT]
* Paho Java Client  [MQTT]
* Californium Java Client [CoAP]
* Californium [CoAP framework]
* OM2M  [OneM2M]
* OM2M  [OneM2M]
* Kura  
* Kura  

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A number of the Eclipse IoT projects are targeting Java developers. By September 2014 most of these projects will have completed their first release from Therefore, it is time we start talking about the overall solution for Java developers that is available from Eclipse IoT.


We will launch an IoT Java Stack at JavaOne, September 28-Oct. 2

IoT Java Projects

  • Concierge [OSGi runtime]
  • Paho Java Client [MQTT]
  • Californium [CoAP framework]
  • OM2M [OneM2M]
  • Kura
  • Eclipse SmartHome
  • Eclipse SCADA

Supporting Project

  • BIRT
  • ECF

Key Messages

  • Connect and Manage IoT Solutions

Download Package

  • We need to determine if we can create a download that can be used by Java developers.
  • What is the content of a download?
  • Potential deployment targets: Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, others?


List of potential demos


  • White Paper describing IoT Java Stack
  • Tutorial for Kura and Concierge
  • Java IoT Cookbook

Web Site

  • Need to create a landing page for IoT Java on

Promotional Activities

  • Booth at JavaOne
    • Fact Sheet
    • IoT Java sessions at JavaOne
    • Cross promotion and demos with other Eclipse IoT partners at JavaOne
  • Webinar series
  • Press release at JavaOne

Partner Organizations

List of member companies from Eclipse IoT WG that would like to participate in the launch:

  • TBD

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