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LDT/Developer Area/Project Plan/1.2

Work Items for LDT 1.2

Below are items that the LDT team are worth being considered for the 1.2 release. This release is expected for the mid year 2014. We clearly have no time to manage all the items below.


To be determinate.

see Luna Schedule.

Features Lists

Debugging enhancement

It seems some users have problems to enable debugger, this is surely the main brake to LDT adoption. There are probably some performance issues we could manage too.

Better VM integration

We should think about a way to make easier the integration of popular open source VM/framework (JIT ?, LOVE2D ? ...) We should also find a way to link Execution environment to Lua Interpreter.

AST/User Assistance

Chkbox disabled.gif Add a way to manage Map,List structure (405458)

Chkbox disabled.gif support inheritance (414410)

Chkbox disabled.gif add library in tooling without affecting runtime path (422555)

Chkbox disabled.gif be more resilient with syntax error (424158) Rename Local variables.


  • Move LDT in its own eclipse project.
  • Update release tools to be more compliant with Eclipse release train and avoid to use to more space in
  • Find a way to use less storage space on
  • Follow Dev IDE which could be interesting for LDT.
  • DLTK Issues ?

Bugzilla Requests

Project Plan : The bigs features we will try to deliver.

Bugs fixed : Bugs already fixed.

Bugs to fix : List of bugs and little improvements we will try to close.

To understand priorities and severities meaning :

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