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== Quick Links  ==
== Quick Links  ==
* xxx
=== Web Sites  ===
=== Web Sites  ===

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Welcome to the Eclipse KUKSA Wiki Page.

Today automotive software-intensive systems are developed in silos by each car manufacturer or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in-house. This approach cannot meet the long-term challenges of the industry. One solution is to establish a standard car-to-cloud connection, open for external applications and the use of open source software wherever possible without compromising safety and security. The Eclipse KUKSA project implements the open source part of the APPSTACLE research project. It will include an open and secure cloud platform that interconnects a wide range of vehicles to the cloud via open in-car and Internet connection and is supported by an integrated open source software development ecosystem.


Kuksa is divided into a series of components:

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Quick Links

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Web Sites

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