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This page is a collection of comments we've received about Eclipse. Kudos to the developers!


Eclipse works *great*. It has much better (and more thorough) on-line help than Microsoft's on-line stuff (a *real* tutorial, for example; in fact, several) . I am taking my time and going through the Workbench tutorial for starters, function by function.

Webmaster Inbox


This TPTP framework is the best tool i've seen so far (like all* tools in general), well done guys !

TPTP newsgroup


I just wanted to say that the eclipse project and its surrounding environment with third party plugins etc is one of the most beautiful projects man made.

Eclipse Newcomers newsgroup


Having been a professional Java programmer for about 5 or so years, and in the midst of a pretty large OpenGL/Java application, I recently tried Eclipse after the most recent of my friends recommended that I try it, and I've been using it for about a month now.
I very rarely write to authors of software - mostly I don't feel the need - but with Eclipse I feel that I must make an exception.
This is categorically the single best piece of software I've ever seen, and I am absolutely blown away by it. Having been someone who has always programmed in vim + command line, I never thought that I'd really enjoy using an IDE, and have tried about 5 without success until this one.
The tight integration with JUnit is simply amazing - and I've fallen in love with the hit-test-button-look-for-green-bar cycle. The debugger is absolutely second-to-none - I love it. The integration with CVS is utterly seamless, and whilst the SubClipse plugin has a little way to go, it's really already quite excellent. The configurability of Eclipse, with respect to tieing it in to my coding style, leaves me with my jaw hanging. An avid perl-hacker many of my Java-projects require a fair amount of perl-maintenance, and Eclipse integrates with my Cygwin environment in an exceptionally intuitive manner. I could go on and on, but won't bore you - you're well aware of the quality of the software having written it yourself...
So I'll just say - a big thank you to all on the Eclipse team. I take my hat off to you.
A very happy Coder. e-mail


I don't want to knock Netbeans too much but I do have to admit Eclipse is easier on my eyes when it comes to staring at the screen. I'm short sighted so I have to wear glasses all the time. I find Eclipse is very comfortable to stare at while Netbeans seems a little harsh on my eyes.

Eclipse Newcomers newsgroup

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