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= Work Items for Koneki 0.9 =
= Work Items for Koneki 0.9 =

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This page is obsolete


[edit] Work Items for Koneki 0.9

Below are items that the Koneki team and the community at large think are worth being considered for the 0.9 release. This release is expected for the end of 2012.

[edit] Lua Development Tools

[edit] Infrastructure

Ok green.gif Refactor plug-ins to simplify global architecture (384707)

Ok green.gif Rework the organization of nightly/stable/maintenance repositories (384703)

[edit] Execution Environment

Ok green.gif Add support of embedded Execution environment (386554)

Ok green.gif Deliver, document and promote Execution Environment (add link in the UI)

[edit] Lua Documentor

Ok green.gif User Documentation for Lua Documentor language

Ok green.gif Deliver, document and promote Lua Documentor command line tool

Ok green.gif Syntax highlighting for LuaDocumentor (384828)

Ok green.gif Content-assist for LuaDocumentor (384828)

[edit] AST

Error.gif Refactoring: enable variable renaming

Error.gif Extract Partial AST from file that is syntactically incorrect

Ok green.gif More precise error message and error markers for syntax errors (and ensure it is testable)

Error.gif Use heuristics to extract more information from code (381671)

[edit] Launch Configurations

Ok green.gif Propose a launch configuration for Lua scripts (370070)

Ok green.gif Embed lua interpreter in LDT (387011)

Ok green.gif Support of Remote Development (390228)

[edit] Wizards

Ok green.gif A wizard for new lua file and module (382217)

Error.gif Enabling to choose location of a new Lua project (384829)

[edit] Debugger

Ok green.gif Integration of new Lua debugger (386679)

Error.gif Support of Lua 5.2 and LuaJIT

Ok green.gif Manage custom transport library (to be independent of Lua Socket)

[edit] Code Formatter

Error.gif Allow to format lines after an offset

Error.gif Better user notification of code format failure

Error.gif Format spaces between words

Error.gif Indent function parameters

[edit] OMA-DM Simulator

[edit] Security

Error.gif Add authentication, MD5 and the most important, HMAC

[edit] Messages

Error.gif Provide the WBXML encoding

[edit] SMS

Error.gif Bootstrap and notification SMS reception