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LDT/User Area/Available Execution Environments

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List of available Execution Environment

This page list all known Execution Environments available. Listed Execution Environments are divided into two categories

  • Execution Environments developped, maintained and hosted by Koneki
  • Execution Environment created by the community.

To add your own Execution Environment to this list, see #Adding_an_Execution_Environment_to_this_page

LDT official Execution Environment

Lua 5.1

Execution Environment for Lua 5.1

Download link: http://sierrawireless.github.com/lua-execution-environments/execution-envs/lua-5.1.zip

Website: http://sierrawireless.github.com/lua-execution-environments/

Author(s): Sierra Wireless (https://github.com/SierraWireless )

Licence: ?

Source: https://github.com/SierraWireless/lua-execution-environments

Community's Execution Environment

Mihini 0.8

Execution Environment for Mihini

Download link: http://download.eclipse.org/mihini/mihini-0.8.zip

Website: http://eclipse.org/Mihini

Author(s): Mihini project

Licence: EPL

Source: http://git.eclipse.org/c/mihini/org.eclipse.mihini.git

Gideros Studio 2012.2.2.1 (alpha)

Execution Environment for Gideros

Download link: http://sierrawireless.github.com/lua-execution-environments/execution-envs/gideros-2012.2.2.1.zip

Website: http://sierrawireless.github.com/lua-execution-environments/

Author(s): Sierra Wireless (https://github.com/SierraWireless)

Licence: ?

Source: https://github.com/SierraWireless/lua-execution-environments

MOAI SDK 1.2 Execution Environment (alpha)

MOAI SDK 1.2 EE created by converting the C++ comments in the src/moaicore directory to luadoc

Download link: https://github.com/downloads/halfnelson/moai-ldt-ee/moai-1.2.zip

Website: https://github.com/halfnelson/moai-ldt-ee

Author(s): MOAI SDK contributors et al, halfnelson

Licence: CPAL\MIT

Source: https://github.com/halfnelson/moai-ldt-ee

tDwtp's extended Execution Environment (xXenv)

a little more extended execution environment.

Download link: https://github.com/tDwtp/lua-xXenv/blob/master/tdwtplua-5.1.zip?raw=true

Website: https://github.com/tDwtp/lua-xXenv

Author(s): the Darkness without the presence

Licence: Not decided yet

Source: https://github.com/tDwtp/lua-xXenv

Description: Its containing (currently) the bit, luacurl, luasql, md5, base64, des56 and ex modules. I am planning to add wxLua (already begun), sockets (half ready) and lanes (nothing done yet) to it. For wxLua I may need some help as it is freakin' huge! (or you have to wait long)

cocos2dx Execution Environment

Execution Environment for cocos2dx developers

Download link: https://github.com/lazytiger/cocos2dx-ldt-ee/blob/master/cocos2dx-2.2.1.zip

Website: https://github.com/lazytiger/cocos2dx-ldt-ee

Author(s): baihaoping@gmail.com

Licence: NA

Source: https://github.com/lazytiger/cocos2dx-ldt-ee

Description: NA


Execution environment for use with xCodea [1] for Codea [2]

Download link: https://github.com/lowne/xCodea/releases/download/v0.1.0/Codea-LDT.zip

Website: https://github.com/lowne/xCodea

Author(s): Mark Lowne

Licence: TBD

Source: TBD (hopefully merged into Codea docs' repo)

Thread: http://codea.io/talk/discussion/4814/xcodea-a-live-coding-environment-for-large-codea-projects

Corona (alpha)

Help wanted ! We need an execution environment for Corona, any help ? :)

Download link: To be completed.

Website: To be completed.

Author(s): To be completed.

Licence: To be completed.

Source: To be completed.

Adding an Execution Environment to this page

You have created an Execution Environment and want to share it with the community. It's easy just copy the following form at the and of the list. Then fill the fields for your Execution Environment, field ending with a star are mandatory, for the others if you don't want to fill it, or is not relevant, you can remove the whole line.

<Execution Environment Name*>

<Short description*>

Download link: <Direct Link to the zip file*>

Website: <Link to the Execution Environment webpage>

Author(s): <Author full name*> (<website>)

<second author> (<website>)

Licence: <Licence name*> <Licence website>

Source: <A link to the source repository or a page that explain how to contribute>

Thread: <A link to a newletter or some forum thread about this Exection Environement>

Description: <Long decription of the EE>