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Kepler Project Plan

Revision as of 14:35, 8 December 2006 by (Talk | contribs) (initial project plan proposal.)

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Proposed by: 14:35, 8 December 2006 (EST)

Kepler Proposal Information

Notes and Conventions

  • This project should be divided into a series of relatively short milestones, each of which will trigger a new release of the Kepler project once completed. Milestones should be achievable in six weeks, plus or minus one week.
  • I'm referring to files formatted using the native Kepler project model syntax as kmodel-extension files, since they are meant to catch project metadata that cannot be stored in the original metadata files for the project.

Proposed Schedule

NOTE: Notation 'd' signifies the date of Kepler project approval with EMO, since this will keep us from having a code repository, etc. @EF.

Proposed schedule for Kepler milestones.
Milestone Start Date Target Date Comments
#Milestone 1 d + 1 week d + 7 weeks 1-week delay anticipated to get CVS, other infrastructure setup @EF.
#Milestone 2 d + 9 weeks d + 15 weeks 1-week delay expected to review/fix process using lessons from first dev cycle.
#Milestone 3 d + 16 weeks d + 22 weeks
#Milestone 4 d + 23 weeks d + 29

<div id="Milestone 1"/>

Milestone 1

Headless Eclipse-Plugin and OSGi Builds

  • Support building simple Eclipse plugin projects from Maven/Continuum using pde-maven-plugin from Codehaus Mojo project.
    • EXIT CRITERIA: BIRT, GEF, ECF projects can be built in headless mode on Continuum (not necessarily integrated into the projects themselves; we can work on that goal from this milestone on)

Build Management

  • Initial Framework to orchestrate external builds from Kepler using native Kepler project model.

Common Project Model

  • Define extensible Kepler project model API
  • Read native Eclipse project files using existing parsers, and construct a Kepler project instance in memory
    • .project
    • .classpath
    • plugin.xml
    • feature.xml
  • Define Kepler native file format, for capturing augmented model information not captured by the original project metadata files
  • Support generating project metadata in one of many specific metadata formats, regardless of metadata origin
    • Mark each generated metadata file as GENERATED in a header comment, to warn users against modifying it
    • Mark original set of project metadata files as authoritative, plus kmodel-extras file

<div id="Milestone 2"/>

Milestone 2

Headless Eclipse-Plugin and OSGi Builds

  • Maven plugin to automate/orchestrate the various steps which are currently explicit when performing PDE/plugin builds within Maven using the pde-maven-plugin (to be contributed back to pde-maven-plugin at codehaus)
  • Other possible refinements to clean up the way the pde-maven-plugin works, accommodating more Eclipse versions and/or installation variables.

Build Management

  • Builder bindings: Ability to execute "main build" for any integrated build tool whenever the Eclipse project is built in the IDE.
    • Execute Maven build using defaultGoal specification from the POM
    • Consolidation of Europa Common Build Infrastructure Ant scripts inside a PDE-specific Kepler-Ant integration point. (NOTE: this requires help from those who know PDE/CBI more thoroughly)
      • Using Kepler, allow augmentation of standard PDE builds using these CBI scripts/scriptlets.
  • Accessory builds (using the build tool to execute a non-default build activity, such as generating javadocs)
    • Support for calling specific Maven lifecycle phases/goals
    • Support for calling specific Buckminster actions.
    • Support for calling specific Ant targets

Common Project Model

  • Possible refinements to accommodate Corona, Buckminster, other interested projects (NOTE: this depends on discussions with other projects to determine alignment, etc.)
  • Tracking of the origin for each model element (for eventual write-back purposes)
  • Selection of searchable artifact sources to be used for current project (using configured sources, above)
  • Search for project dependencies using artifact sources (see configuration, above)
    • Use generic dialog provider base for common search elements.
    • Use extension point to augment search form elements.
  • Graphical editor for Kepler model
    • Synchronization with Eclipse .project/.classpath/etc. files
    • Track which elements should be modified using external editors (i.e. not embeddable in the Kepler editor)
      • spawn that editor when one of these elements is chosen for editing
        • if possible, track the spawned editor, and when it is saved, check whether we can change the modified state (label decoration) for the main model editor.

Configuration (currently global-only, not per-project)

  • Model
    • Preferred external project metadata format
      • Eclipse .project/.classpath + kmodel-externals files
  • Searchable artifact sources
    • Ordering of these sources
  • Build Management
    • Extension point for configuring external tools

<div id="Milestone 3"/>

Milestone 3

NOTE: This milestone will remain incomplete until we know more from the outcomes of previous milestones.

Build Management

  • Support graphical configuration helper-classes per plugin
    • Search for graphical editor helper-class for each plugin; use default XML-editor if not found.
  • Search for plugins
    • Add plugin repository (select from searchable artifact source list, filtered for entry with Maven capabilities)
  • Project-level integration for Problems/Errors view
    • Filtering by type of Kepler problem
  • User input/prompt dialog framework (to allow external build tool to prompt the user for information)

Build Server

  • Support for Add/Remove/Edit of project definitions on the build server
  • Support for Triggered builds that starts browser window to monitor build results using native build-server interface.


  • Support per-project configuration of all existing Kepler options
  • Build Server
    • Global build-server list

<div id="Milestone 4"/>

Milestone 4

NOTE: This milestone will remain incomplete until we know more from the outcomes of previous milestones.

Build Server

  • Support for graphical management of build server
  • Replace build monitoring/results browser window with integrated notifications framework for remote events.
    • Track elapsed time
    • Track accumulated output
    • Support multiple monitor types
      • Polling monitor: Configurable polling period
      • Async monitor: monitor abstract event connection (can be JMS/socket/etc.)
    • Event/Process management interface for gaining access to server-side controls available for that process.


  • Build Server
    • Per-project configuration of build server(s) to be used
      • Allow selection from global list
      • Allow one-off configuration of build server(s) for that project only

<div id="Milestone 5"/>

Milestone 5

NOTE: This milestone will remain incomplete until we know more from the outcomes of previous milestones.

Build Server Goals

  • Support backing up/restoring build server configuration to/from file.
  • Tool Detection
    • Support abstract detection mechanism for use in various detection scenarios (below).
    • Support detection of build servers; add to the global build-server list
    • Support detection of remote dependency sources

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