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Kepler Project

Kepler Proposal Documents


Project Plan

Kepler Project Plan

Architecture Overview

The following links are to documentation on the overall architecture for the Kepler project.

Proposed Kepler Architecture

Collaboration Model

What follows is the beginnings of a discussion about what sorts of data elements different tools look for in their project model. The goal here is to identify and exploit overlaps between Kepler and other Eclipse projects, in order to have a common API and set of providers to adapt external project information into the system. (By external project information I mean project data that doesn't originate within the specific Eclipse project in question, and is not therefore in a "native" format.)

If you have more information on this topic, please feel free to expand on what's already here. We're attempting to find a way to make a unified, extensible project model for general we're going to need a lot of input.

Proposed Kepler Collaboration Model Structure

Bug Reports/Enhancement Requests with Requirements Info

PDE-generate a ready to use headless pde build

Project-Model Reading List

Below is a list of some other project models being used in the world. Though not exhaustive, these may lend some insight into good practices for modeling a software project.

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