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  • There is an evolutive library of | metamodels written in KM3.
  • This library of open source metamodels may be found at: AtlanticZoo.
  • This library contains about 130 KM3 metamodels and has been named a Zoo.
  • This collection of KM3 metamodels is intended for experimental purposes.
  • On the same site there are also a number of "mirror zoos" containing metamodels written in other languages like MOF, UML, Prolog, VB, etc.


KM3: a DSL for Metamodel Specification Jouault, F, and Bézivin, J (2006). In: Proceedings of 8th IFIP International Conference on Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems, LNCS 4037, Bologna, Italy, pages 171-185.

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